My Story

I’m the guy behind the crazy idea of simplifying the menu, not the food. I’m Canadian born, raised by South African parents who immigrated in the late 1960’s. South Africa, to this day, has the largest population of Indians outside of India.

Like every Indian family, my Mum is an amazing cook who altered the recipes, handed down from her Mum, to make them healthier. She dramatically cut down the use of oil and deep frying. I have taken her cooking concept, along with others I have picked up along the way, to create the menu at TIFFIN BOX.

With nearly 17 years of restaurant experience, from living in Canada, South Africa, UK and the USA, I am finally ready to share with you the food I grew up on and introduced to all my Canadian and American friends.

Just as Italian, Mexican, and most recently Greek have been done in the past 25 years, Indian is the next cuisine to be “brought to the mainstream” and TIFFIN BOX is poised to lead the way in South Florida. If you’ve never had Indian Flavors before, you will savor the combination of layered spices unlike any other cuisine.

The unique aspect of this food is that instead of having to be loyal to certain regions of India (Northern or Southern for example), our food style will be “Western Hemisphere,” freeing ourselves from the traditional, thus making Indian food more attractive to every palette.